18 September 2010

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?

Since school began four weeks ago, I have attempted to watch "Snatch" numerous times, without ever actually finishing, nor following the film by any means. Tonight, I'm trying again. Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, and Benicio Del Torro really just make a girl want to persevere, you know? Usually, though, I abandon my homework and decide that, instead of the painfully attractive "Snatch", which requires more attention that I'm willing to supply, I'd rather something along these lines:

Alas, here we are.

And here is a picture of me with a kiwi I consumed with my hair looking like is usually does these days. Feelin' good, Lookin' good.


27 June 2010

How do you like them eggrolls, Mr. Goldstone?

Recently I've been inspired thanks to telling my loved ones how desperately I want to be an excellent painter, but I attempt without success. The loved ones are fantastic, and are usually excellent artists themselves, which allows me to be self-deprecating and complimentary simultaneously! Anyhow, I've finally gotten around to scanning the futile attempts at sketchbook things from this less than productive summer.

The End! I'm proceeding to eat my feelings, listen to show tunes, and fail at painting. See ya!

13 June 2010


Thanks to valiantly quitting my internship and making a stand against the Book of Faces, I've recently come upon a massive amount of free time; not to say I'm doing anything admirable or remotely productive in this time, it's actually quite the opposite, which is disappointing isn't it? I want to tie dye everything, or make everything black.


Here are a few pictures from my recent vacation to New Orleans, which was absolutely incredible and southern and perfect, making me want to pack up and move there immediately, alas I am still in this whirlpool that is New York.

19 May 2010

then came the worst date, May 21

If Biggie were still alive, we could have a joint birthday party. Maybe a barbecue. It would surely be a blast. I had a small birthday picnic on Saturday and my beautiful friends came to support the beginning of birthday week '10, which has proven mostly miserable thanks to yet another sickness overcoming my fragile immune system. But hopefully I'll be recovered by Friday so I can mope around Brooklyn for my day. School's over, so here are some sketchbook things.

09 May 2010

i eat m&m's one at a time

ragefest 2010 holler at your girl

14 April 2010

i sleep on a bed made of angel wings

I have been working tirelessly on work for my printmaking class this semester. Tuesday I spent all day perfecting this woodcut.

I'm very drowsy. Bye.

08 April 2010

tonight i'm not taking no calls. cause i'll be dancing.


I realize that p
osting photos of my feet doesn't induce any motivation to read this blog of mine, but so be it. I am making notes of my life, and my feet help me travel. Yesterday my dear friend Tori was taking photographs of me and these happened. What the hell is going on here? Feet need to step up to the plate.
To make up for it, here's some stuff:

People I know make me chortle with unacceptable frequency. That's how I like it.
I'm working on a terrible woodcut and a paper about bicycle culture. No sleeping until projects are complete.

07 April 2010


I made this for a class, but I'm happy with it now that the experience is over. It began as a sort of technologically based social experiment. It's long.

05 April 2010

ouchie times

Today, this happened to my foot. New York has done this, this wretched place has killed my heel. Not my fault. Also happening today, a dog was on the roof of ArtHouse, where I intern. A black lab on the roof, it was magical, we wanted it to gallop through the window which is used as a door, and crawl into our loving arms. But, naturally, that didn't happen.

And eventually I'll document my recent work.

15 March 2010


sb '010 is outstanding thus far, despite the arduous journey to actually get home due to New York being in the middle of some sort of hurricane. However, here I am, sitting on this massive sofa viewing cable television for the first time in months. Eventually I'll get out of here and go to the beach, per my plan. Must return to New York a bronzed goddess.

04 March 2010

Are you there God?

It's March. In my mind, this equates to Spring. However, outdoors my mind and the weather are disagreeing, leaving me in a funk. New York, why so cold? Spring Break is a mere 10 days away and I plan on only packing tank tops, shorts, swimsuits, and a single pair of flip-flops for my trip home to Florida, so Mother Nature had better perform and bring me beach weather daily. Or I'll be underdressed and not happy about it. Speaking of Spring Break '010, I am unusually thrilled about this trip. I've been a little baby recently and just want my parents' undying love and affection. Also my wonderful friend Richard is taking me to a rodeo. Come on.
I feel like I'm probably behind on this, also, but this man is named 'Tyga'. He's part of Young Money and is so good looking I could just die. Boys with baby faces rarely make me weak in the knees. I choose to ignore the stupid accessories he's worn.


20 February 2010

today, i will leave my apartment

Well, today my spirits are high and my fever is low, and it's a beautiful 44 degrees out, so I am going to venture out of my apartment. Yesterday due to my crippling illness (which happens to be a bad cold with a high fever) I didn't leave, which has made for a decidedly dreadfully depressing past 24 hours. It has, however, made for great reading time, so I have successfully begun and completed two novels in the course of 36 sickly hours. I applaud myself, and my newly acquired speed reading skills.
I am going to the New York Public Library, their image collection is outstanding and I happen to have checked out a total of 37 images AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO. So, today I will leisurely return them, pay the hefty fine, and find new images to check out, and be infinitely inspired by. Being sick allows me to blame everything on said illness, so I will also tame my eyebrow problem that this has brought upon, not my inherent dormancy
. And drink margaritas. Those are fundamentally the same as, say, Dayquil, right? I think so.
Because I have been bed-ridden, here are a few images from the ones I checked out at the library. If you live in New York, I would highly suggest going there. Membership is free and the library is lovely, but the image collection is absolutely outstanding. They also have a Digital Gallery if you don't live here or can't possibly make it up to 42nd street, which has been my problem for the past, ahem, year.

06 February 2010


I'm watching the Birdcage, if you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend doing so. It'll enhance your life significantly.

I made this chart above for class. It's infinitely depressing and silly but... here it is.

03 February 2010

have you ever been roommates with someone in jail?

With both the cable and internet out at my apartment (possibly in the entire building, this requires further investigation), I have proven able to find absolutely nothing to do with myself while deprived of these luxuries. This weekend I leisurely paced back and forth from my roommate's room, back to mine, reminiscing about everything from the past week... simply because I decided I had nothing else to do. Now, because the cable man could fix my neighbor's internet, but apparently was entirely unable to fix mine, I am back to checking all websites ever visited at least 5 times per evening, and again in the morning before school. Oh too convenient, too easy. Well now school has begun; this seemingly pointless semester with no provided enjoyment. I have been relying on coffee and notes and giggles and the promise of plentiful beverages at the end of my week. Tonight my roommate and his lovely boyfriend rudely interrupted my adult evening of freshly prepared dinner and a movie with their new haircuts and their breaded chicken.
So, here it is:

This is a picture of my lovely Anthony (far left), Cory (center left), myself (center right), and Ben (far right). All of those specifications were absolutely necessary, yes. The purpose of this photograph is just because I like it and I miss Ben and Cory dearly.

I bought this hat this week from Starstruck. It keeps my dome warm and racks up much-needed feminine points.

This is another photo like the first. Posted because LOOK AT MY DRESS! And my best friend Natalia made that barrel-like, handle-less mug I'm sippin' from, and I miss her too. Come on.

This is similar to what I look like topless.

My friend Adam made new business cards recently and I think they're splendid. He's also a great photographer. He made the stamp for these tags. Delightful.