20 February 2010

today, i will leave my apartment

Well, today my spirits are high and my fever is low, and it's a beautiful 44 degrees out, so I am going to venture out of my apartment. Yesterday due to my crippling illness (which happens to be a bad cold with a high fever) I didn't leave, which has made for a decidedly dreadfully depressing past 24 hours. It has, however, made for great reading time, so I have successfully begun and completed two novels in the course of 36 sickly hours. I applaud myself, and my newly acquired speed reading skills.
I am going to the New York Public Library, their image collection is outstanding and I happen to have checked out a total of 37 images AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO. So, today I will leisurely return them, pay the hefty fine, and find new images to check out, and be infinitely inspired by. Being sick allows me to blame everything on said illness, so I will also tame my eyebrow problem that this has brought upon, not my inherent dormancy
. And drink margaritas. Those are fundamentally the same as, say, Dayquil, right? I think so.
Because I have been bed-ridden, here are a few images from the ones I checked out at the library. If you live in New York, I would highly suggest going there. Membership is free and the library is lovely, but the image collection is absolutely outstanding. They also have a Digital Gallery if you don't live here or can't possibly make it up to 42nd street, which has been my problem for the past, ahem, year.

06 February 2010


I'm watching the Birdcage, if you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend doing so. It'll enhance your life significantly.

I made this chart above for class. It's infinitely depressing and silly but... here it is.

03 February 2010

have you ever been roommates with someone in jail?

With both the cable and internet out at my apartment (possibly in the entire building, this requires further investigation), I have proven able to find absolutely nothing to do with myself while deprived of these luxuries. This weekend I leisurely paced back and forth from my roommate's room, back to mine, reminiscing about everything from the past week... simply because I decided I had nothing else to do. Now, because the cable man could fix my neighbor's internet, but apparently was entirely unable to fix mine, I am back to checking all websites ever visited at least 5 times per evening, and again in the morning before school. Oh too convenient, too easy. Well now school has begun; this seemingly pointless semester with no provided enjoyment. I have been relying on coffee and notes and giggles and the promise of plentiful beverages at the end of my week. Tonight my roommate and his lovely boyfriend rudely interrupted my adult evening of freshly prepared dinner and a movie with their new haircuts and their breaded chicken.
So, here it is:

This is a picture of my lovely Anthony (far left), Cory (center left), myself (center right), and Ben (far right). All of those specifications were absolutely necessary, yes. The purpose of this photograph is just because I like it and I miss Ben and Cory dearly.

I bought this hat this week from Starstruck. It keeps my dome warm and racks up much-needed feminine points.

This is another photo like the first. Posted because LOOK AT MY DRESS! And my best friend Natalia made that barrel-like, handle-less mug I'm sippin' from, and I miss her too. Come on.

This is similar to what I look like topless.

My friend Adam made new business cards recently and I think they're splendid. He's also a great photographer. He made the stamp for these tags. Delightful.