15 March 2010


sb '010 is outstanding thus far, despite the arduous journey to actually get home due to New York being in the middle of some sort of hurricane. However, here I am, sitting on this massive sofa viewing cable television for the first time in months. Eventually I'll get out of here and go to the beach, per my plan. Must return to New York a bronzed goddess.

04 March 2010

Are you there God?

It's March. In my mind, this equates to Spring. However, outdoors my mind and the weather are disagreeing, leaving me in a funk. New York, why so cold? Spring Break is a mere 10 days away and I plan on only packing tank tops, shorts, swimsuits, and a single pair of flip-flops for my trip home to Florida, so Mother Nature had better perform and bring me beach weather daily. Or I'll be underdressed and not happy about it. Speaking of Spring Break '010, I am unusually thrilled about this trip. I've been a little baby recently and just want my parents' undying love and affection. Also my wonderful friend Richard is taking me to a rodeo. Come on.
I feel like I'm probably behind on this, also, but this man is named 'Tyga'. He's part of Young Money and is so good looking I could just die. Boys with baby faces rarely make me weak in the knees. I choose to ignore the stupid accessories he's worn.