13 June 2010


Thanks to valiantly quitting my internship and making a stand against the Book of Faces, I've recently come upon a massive amount of free time; not to say I'm doing anything admirable or remotely productive in this time, it's actually quite the opposite, which is disappointing isn't it? I want to tie dye everything, or make everything black.


Here are a few pictures from my recent vacation to New Orleans, which was absolutely incredible and southern and perfect, making me want to pack up and move there immediately, alas I am still in this whirlpool that is New York.


  1. I quit FB too and basically the majority of the internet.
    Real life feels kind of weird, just sayin.
    I'm going to miss the South. I love New Orleans too :(

  2. The Gulf of Mexico picture is effed.
    Who knew you could sponsor a body of water?