14 April 2010

i sleep on a bed made of angel wings

I have been working tirelessly on work for my printmaking class this semester. Tuesday I spent all day perfecting this woodcut.

I'm very drowsy. Bye.

08 April 2010

tonight i'm not taking no calls. cause i'll be dancing.


I realize that p
osting photos of my feet doesn't induce any motivation to read this blog of mine, but so be it. I am making notes of my life, and my feet help me travel. Yesterday my dear friend Tori was taking photographs of me and these happened. What the hell is going on here? Feet need to step up to the plate.
To make up for it, here's some stuff:

People I know make me chortle with unacceptable frequency. That's how I like it.
I'm working on a terrible woodcut and a paper about bicycle culture. No sleeping until projects are complete.

07 April 2010


I made this for a class, but I'm happy with it now that the experience is over. It began as a sort of technologically based social experiment. It's long.

05 April 2010

ouchie times

Today, this happened to my foot. New York has done this, this wretched place has killed my heel. Not my fault. Also happening today, a dog was on the roof of ArtHouse, where I intern. A black lab on the roof, it was magical, we wanted it to gallop through the window which is used as a door, and crawl into our loving arms. But, naturally, that didn't happen.

And eventually I'll document my recent work.